37,5% ABV


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Made from the finest selection of Caribbean rums, Captain Morgan White Rum has a refreshingly light, crisp taste: perfect for creating exciting rum cocktails to share with your crewmates.

Inspired by travels across the pristine waters of the Caribbean, Captain Morgan White Rum is as light and crisp as an unfurled sail. Blended from the finest selection of Caribbean rums and distilled five times, it has a smooth, medium-bodied taste profile with slight sweetness to it. Captain Morgan White Rum offers endless versatility by forming the ideal base for an array of delicious tasting cocktails, no matter how simple or demanding.

Captain Morgan was a real life person, living in the 17th century in Jamaica. Starting out as a buccaneer, later becoming a captain and ending up as the governor of Jamaica, Morgan’s colourful life was full of fun adventures with his crew. The spirit of Sir Henry Morgan lives on in his legendary rum drinks.

Live Like the Captain!

Medium-bodied, clean and crisp taste with a smooth, slightly sweet finish.



fresh mint
25ml sugar syrup
25ml lime juice
50ml Captain Morgan White Rum
30ml soda
a wedge of lime

Gently squeeze the mint between your palms to release the aromas, and place it on the bottom of a tall glass. Add sugar syrup, lime juice and Captain Morgan White rum to the glass. Add some ice and stir well. Then fill the glass with ice, add soda and garnish with a mint leaf and a slice of lime.